What to Know About Overdriventool

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How to Install

System: Windows 7 and Newer Builds

GPU: AMD 290, 290x, 380, 380x, 390, 390x, Fury, Fury X, Nano, 4xx, 5xx series, Vega 56, Vega 64, Radeon VII.

Driver: 17.7.2 and Newer

How to Overclock

  • A workaround for a bug in the 17.7.2 driver where the driver now and again utilized default voltages rather than custom settings. Reset and reapply with a profile.
  • Each province of P can be crippled / empowered. To do this, click on the names P0, P1,… and so on. If the P-state is impaired, the GPU won’t utilize it.
  • Overdriventool: Current I2C support: IR3567B (RX470, RX480, some RX5xx), up9505 (MSI RX5xx)
  • To contact the fan settings: You can impair the fan segment for each GPU. To do this, press Ctrl and double tap some place in the fan window. It is saved by the gpu_id, so the GUI or order line will not influence the fan settings for such GPUs.
  • To open the Settings or SoftPowerPlayTable editorial manager, left-click the program symbol in the upper left corner or right-click the name.
  • To change the agreeable name, first turn it on in quite a while. Then, at that point, right-click the GPU leaning to open the menu.

How to Overclock AMD GPU in OverdriveNTool

Utilizing the OverdriveNTool utility is straightforward and can be utilized by any client. To utilize it, you can utilize any envelope on your PC’s media, ideally made only for that program.

The organizer containing the program will contain the OverdriveNTool.exe utility, and two records for overseeing it:

  • The document used to begin the program in programmed mode (for this situation overdrive_BAT.bat); and
  • An arrangement document that will record the card designs overclocking, undervoltage, fan speed and temperature settings (the document OverdriveNTool.ini, which is consequently made when you save any setup record).

Example folder contents for working with OverdriveNTool

Using OverdriveNTool

  • Run the executable document OverdriveNTool;
  • Research AMD illustrations card manufacturing plant settings in OverdriveNTool;
  • Enter the ideal speed increase esteem and compose it to the OverdriveNTool.ini design record; and
  • Setup documents to naturally apply the vital settings and remember them for autoruns.

At the point, when you start OverdriveNTool and snap the drop-down menu, you can see all of the video gas pedals introduced in your framework, including those not upheld by the utility:


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