The best postpartum exercises for moms working from home

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If you’re a mom working from home, you know what adjustments are needed to get back to work after the baby is born. After all, working at home is stressful, so adding it to the mix takes it to the next level.
If you’re a mom who works from home or runs your own business (or both if you’re on the Arise® platform!), You may experience waves of mom’s guilt from time to time. Let’s be the first to tell you that these feelings are not only normal, but shouldn’t control your life.
Create a schedule that is appropriate for your new mom and entrepreneur role, and make sure you also include “I” time. One of the best ways is to include health and wellness exercises in your daily routine, such as light postpartum workouts.
Not sure where to start? Check out these simple postpartum exercise ideas that are perfect for new moms working from home like you.

Exercises for the upper body

Returning to fitness after childbirth requires patience. If you have a dumbbell or even a resistance tape, you are good to go for this workout. Start with a light weight, less than five pounds, and focus on the upper back, triceps and biceps.
Biceps curls: hold one weight in each hand and arms at the sides. Continue to raise your arms so that your elbows are at a 90 degree angle. Perform 10 to 12 reps two to three times in a row with a break of a minute in between.
Shoulders: Do this with your arms bent. With the weight in each hand, extend your arms to a vertical angle. Lower and repeat. You can also switch them and do them as side lifts so that you raise your arms up and to the side.
The best part? All these movements can be done both standing and sitting in a chair.

Deep abdominal breathing

Deep belly breathing is one of the most important and underestimated exercises that a new mom can do – especially a mom who also works from home and is trying to get rid of stress. It is a workout that helps in quick recovery and helps breathing in general.
Start with a gentle breath into your lower abdomen, allowing it to expand. After exhaling, be sure to pull your abdomen back. This is the reverse way of breathing if you allow your inner core to do most of the work.

Stretch marks around the neck

Keeping your baby all day can affect your neck, so including a daily neck stretch will make a difference. Start by raising your head, lower your left ear to your left shoulder and let it rest there for a few seconds. Do the same with the right ear to the right shoulder. Try to do this at least two to three times a day.

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