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    How to purchase quick guide.

    1. Go to a product page an "click add to cart". Also, pay attention to product description (4) and questions and answers (3).

    2. When you add something to cart, you will see a respective message.

    3. Go to your cart. Click Checkout with PayPal.

    4. You will be redirected to PayPal's secure page, where you must complete the checkout process.

    5. After this, you will see the "payment confirmation screen", this is your last chance to review everything and to apply a discount.

    6. Apply a discount if you have it. See Discounts page for more information.

    7. Complete your payment and participate in our rebate campaign to earn 20% back from your purchase.

    8. Download the product from Thank you page.


    9. Also, you can download the product from the email which will be sent to you.


    Still can't do it? Message us: support@newstudentoffortune.com.


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