How to Effectively Recognize Employees


Home Business Magazine Online Having an effective employee recognition program can be very beneficial for companies, especially in improving employee engagement, higher business productivity, and lower turnover rate. However, when not planned and implemented effectively, an employee recognition program will not only work but can also be counterproductive, instead. It […]

7 Places to Sell Sneakers for Cash


Have you ever wondered if there are good places to sell sneakers for cash? Whether you’re needing to raise some extra money or are just trying to clear out some items you no longer need, selling your name-brand shoes can help you get some quick cash. Here’s what you need […]

How CEO Chas Sampson Founded Seven Principles


Home Business Magazine Online Chas Sampson established Seven Principles to ensure veterans have someone in their corner. The company’s mission is to put more money in veterans’ pockets each month by strategically finding increases in their VA claims. As a former Iraq veteran, he relates to veterans on a personal […]

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