4 reasons why beautiful people earn more

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4 reasons why beautiful people earn more
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“The beauty is only deep, but disgusting to the bone». I heard that phrase in comedy a long time ago, in the 1990s. I forget which one – but I think it was uttered by the late comedian and actor John Witherspoon. And funny jokes, jokes that make us laugh until we cry, are that they contain a nugget of truth. Thus, jokes can be therapeutic and cathartic – they can comedically relieve tensions about the realities of inequality and injustice in the world. And please believe me, you will need a strong sense of humor to cope with what I am going to say in this column. Here are four reasons why beautiful people make more money than ugly people.

Now understand that I, the author of this work, do not call you ugly. I say the world is unfair. By your aesthetics you will be judged by unjust, unreasonable and unreasonable standards. People around you can judge beauty based on facial features, race, politics, or personal and idealized standards of what they personally consider beautiful.

So don’t let other people tell you you’re ugly. Unfortunately, if the person who considers you ugly signs your salary, then you have a problem.

There is a lot of research and studies that show that beautiful people make more money than ugly people. And that’s a standard that’s probably been around for a long time. And this is a standard that will probably exist in society forever.

So you need to know that such are the unfair standards in life. But that doesn’t mean you have to accept them or play them.

Why beautiful people earn more (basics)

Before I delve into why beautiful people earn more, I will refer to the sources of this article, a study compiled by economists Dr. Daniel Hammermesh and Eva Serminskaya.

According to a study by Dr. Hammermes, beautiful people earn more than 3-4% higher than the traditional wages of the average-looking and ugly people. This means that the average attractive person can earn $ 230,000 more in working life than an ugly person.

According to a study by Dr. Hammermesh, even a moderately attractive person can earn $ 140,000 more in working life than an ugly person.

And Dr. Hammermesh’s research estimates may be conservative compared to Serminskaya’s. Serminska says beautiful people earn more than 15% of their lives compared to ugly people.

So here are four reasons why beautiful people earn more.

And then I’ll give you a few reasons why you probably shouldn’t lose sleep because of these findings.

Halo effect

The “halo effect” is a psychological bias that we project onto people based on their aesthetically pleasing appearance.

In other words, the more attractive a person is, the more we believe he is trustworthy, smart, socially qualified, polite, confident and entitled to get what he wants.

So beautiful people make more money because they emotionally project their biases that they deserve more because they are beautiful.

Physical bias

This is unfair, but because of the halo effect employers believe that beautiful people can handle anything. And that’s one of the reasons why you should never include your photo in your job application when it’s not required.

A Harvard study found that employers who had access to photos of job applicants would give 10% more pay to those applicants they found attractive.

Some employers would give higher salaries to people who found them attractive in telephone interviews.

Mo “makeup, mo” money

Attractive women who applied more makeup than their ugly peers (sorry to say so, but let’s stay real) were more likely to make more money.

Attractive return

Some studies show that attractive CEOs are more likely to attract investment to their companies every time they give public and television interviews.

Should I definitely lose sleep because of these findings?

I don’t think so.

Ultimately, these findings are reinforced by the aesthetic bias of the researchers.

Research bias?

Take, for example, Dr. Hammermesh. In an angry and incredible interview with the Wall Street Journal, he said that beautiful people earn more because they stand out in the hiring process, fascinate their employers and get more opportunities for employers.

According to Dr. Hammermesh, the only requirement to succeed in life, not to mention professionally, is to be attractive. And he said that because men benefit more from the halo effect than women, women should avoid occupations where they will be punished for their ugliness.

For example, Dr. Hammermesh says that ugly women and men should not become actors or TV presenters at all – they should do what suits other talents.

When pressured on what ugly people should do in unfair circumstances, Dr. Hammermesh suggested ugly people turn to crime to survive.

I ask you to read his article in the Wall Street Journal, to which I gave a link. And instead of paraphrasing here is his direct quote:

“The only counter-example I’ve seen is a study that shows that if you [commit] armed robbery or theft should be uglier. Criminals with white collars are more successful when they look better, but for crimes with the use of force, I would be better than an ugly robber, because it would scare the guys, and they will give me their money sooner.

At the end of the interview, Dr. Hammermesh suggests that while plastic surgery can improve aesthetic performance, for many it is disadvantageous and requires a lot of money to maintain. But if ugly people want to have plastic surgery to feel better, they have to do it.

I can’t believe I’m passing on this BS to you.

What can you do

Yes, it is true that beautiful people make more money than average or ugly people.

However, many people earn more money and opportunities professionally because of nepotism. And you don’t need to be handsome to benefit from a powerful, politically connected or extremely successful relative.

Many people climb the corporate ladder because of office policies and good networking.

People who dress well and professionally every day are more likely to succeed at work than untidy ones.

And are you ready for that? There are studies that show that ugly people always make more money than attractive ones because they need to use intelligence and skills to make up for their aesthetic shortcomings.

In addition, these studies claim that ugly people earn much more money on a professional level than attractive people.

And the essence of these studies suggests that although attractive people do make money, they are given a much easier life and acceptance in a social environment than ugly people. And this attraction is not enough to get a big salary – or keep it.

I don’t have to tell you that life is unfair. However, the ugly exists in the eyes of the observer to the same extent as the personal standard of beauty.

Excel is what you do. Finish your work on time. Keep paper and emails that can confirm your success at work. And make sure your executives and boss know your name when you do a good job.

You have to be good at your job, smart and knowledgeable to be offered or agreed to a higher salary. Beautiful people earn more depending on the circumstances in which they find themselves.

Yes, there are many circumstances when beautiful people earn more just because they are beautiful.

However, although BS can lift you to the top, it won’t keep you there.

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