Know Everything About YouNow Platform

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Know Everything About YouNow Platform
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Last Updated on March 5, 2022 by Justin Su

Are you a YouNow user? Or want to know more about YouNow App before using it?

This article is about the YouNow App review which will tell you about everything about the YouNow platform and whether you should use them or not.

Also, you will get to know why you should join YouNow and can earn money from YouNow.

What Is YouNow?

YouNow is one of the very famous video broadcasters, it allows its users to broadcast live and interact with each other in chat.

Creators do use to go live and chat with their fans with lots of fun features like digital gots, snapshot, etc. You can use their service on their website itself, through a mobile app that is accessible on Android and iOS devices.

You can connect your all supported social media platforms like Youtube Channel, Tumblr, Discord, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook account, and FB Fan page.

About YouNow App & Company

YouNow was launched in September 2011 as a simple Video Chat platform founded by Adi Sideman and Jon Brodsky. It is mainly used by users who are under 25 years old.

Most of the users love to perform music, games, communicate with fans, go live, and share short news with fans. Users love to browse short clips like funny and entertaining videos.

Their competitors are TikTok, Twitch, and Instagram’s live feature.

It was growing slowly until 2014 but there was a sudden hike in the number of users in 2014-15. It raised $ 30 million from venture capital to 2015.

YouNow Login & Sign Up

Register using this link and get extra perks.

Sign up and login can be done from the same page, Click here to open Younow sign up page.

You will find 5 different options to log in or sign up, you can join the platform using your following accounts Google, Twitter, Facebook, Apple, and Instagram.

Note: Sometimes users faced errors when they try to log in using Google or any other channel the connecting bar shows connecting only, you can refresh your browser.

Best YouNow Features

Do you know why YouNow is one of the most famous broadcasting platforms? It is a feature of the platform that makes it the best. Let’s check out their features.

Chat Window

While you go live or broadcast, users can chat with broadcasters, and also users can interact with each other in the chatbox. It allows you to send stickers in chat


You can subscribe to any broadcaster for $ 4.99 per month. In exchange for that users will get 40 super messages per month, Access to all Broadcaster’s replays, Subscriber-only chats, Broadcasters personal stickers, and it also gives you badges.

Like Battles

One of the most used features of the platform, it engages users and broadcasters with each other. It is based on invite competition.

It is a place where two different streamers (broadcaster and guest) compete with each other on the basis of Likes. This battle was held for a decided time where fans like one of the broadcasters.

The most liked streamer wins the battle once time runs out.


Bars are used to send gifts to broadcasters. Users can buy Bars for cash or diamond$ 1.99 for 500 bars. Gifts like tips, like, and different stickers.

Safety Tools

YouNow claims to provide safety to its users. They do take the following steps to provide safety to their users.

They have a team of moderators who works 24/7 to take down users who violate their Terms & conditions. Mods can ban or suspend users from the platform if they found users violating rules.

If users get Ban then they will not be able to use the platform at all. Suspensions allow users to access the platform but are not able to broadcast, chat, give gifts, or post for a limited time.

Broadcasters can also ban a user from joining their broadcast or mute them in their chat.

How To Make Money On YouNow App?

If you are on youtube or have an audience who wants to listen to you then YouNow is really one of the best places to make money online as well.

Any of the broadcasters can earn money on the platform by going Live on the platform and interacting with their subscribers.

They have a virtual currency called Diamonds, it is like coins that you have seen on different earning platforms.

Broadcasters do earn diamonds when their users sent them gifts during their live sessions. These diamonds can be exchanged for Bars to support other broadcasters or you can exchange them with cash and withdraw them.

Diamonds that you will get will depend on the value of the gift.

75,000 Diamonds are equals $ 75.

You can withdraw your earnings through Paypal, Wire transfer, ACH, and Check. Always do double-check your withdrawal address before cashing out.

The minimum withdrawal is $ 75 or 750,000 Diamonds.

YouNow Is Safe For Kids or Not?

The site itself says kids under 13 are not allowed but the major concern is that content on the platform is safe for kids under 18?

As the platform doesn’t ask for any age verification anyone can join the platform. It doesn’t do anything to stop users from watching all content that includes not-safe content.

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In my opinion, it is not safe for kids at all as any broadcaster can use unwanted images on their thumbnails to attract more users.

How I Can Delete My YouNow Account?

Do you know you can delete YouNow Account? Maybe you know that but do you know how to delete YouNow account?

To delete your YouNow account log in to your account and go to the setting page. Then click on Privacy and here you will find the “Deactivate My Account” button.

This is one-time action hence you will lose all your account things including balance, followers, bars, and gifts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Following are the questions and answers that are asked by users most of the time.

Who can use YouNow?

Anyone who is at least 13 years old can use the app. It is not banned in any country hence any person on this planet can use it.

Why should you join YouNow?

If you want to talk to your favorite broadcaster who is there then you should in. Or if you have an audience and popularity and want to connect with your audience then it is the best place to communicate and earn.

How to download the YouNow Desktop app?

Unfortunately, there is no app for desktop devices, why do you need apps when you can access them in your browser.

YouNow hack APK what is it?

Some people claim that there is a hack version of YouNow which allows users to enjoy all the features of the app without paying the monthly fee. But in my opinion, it is not safe at all.

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