How to Rent a Minibus in Berlin

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Vans outnumber buses and cars in many ways. In numerous situations, it is necessary to have such a vehicle, so it is not surprising drivers often rent them. To rent a minibus in Berlin is no exception in this regard. In this article, you will learn all the tips on how to rent a minibus in this city.

Determine the Purpose of the Trip

First of all, you must decide what you need to rent a minibus for. People often rent this type of transport to relocate more than 7 people from one point to another. A lot of Berlin coach companies specialize in the transfer of people to exhibitions and conferences. Minibus services in Berlin are also used by agencies that organize events.

If you do not have a license to drive such a car, consider renting a minibus with a driver. For example, BCS-BUS is a service offered by some bus companies in Berlin. In addition to the minibus, the landlords also have the driver at their disposal. If you are interested in Berlin coach hire, choose proven companies. For example, choose those with several years in the market. Also, we recommend paying attention to bus companies in Berlin that have good ratings and reviews.

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Models and Conditions to Choose

The most popular and budget-friendly minibuses are the Ford Galaxy, Seat Alhambra, Ford Tourneo, and Mercedes-Benz Vito. On average, renting such a model costs 350 € per day.

It is recommended to choose the same time to obtain and return the car in Berlin. Car rental companies charge full-day rental tariffs, so if you rent a car for 25 hours, you pay 48 hours of rent.

When choosing a model, pay attention to the number of seats and how much luggage space is available. This helps avoid unpleasant surprises.

If you are traveling with children, do not forget also to rent a car seat. Fines for its absence are much higher than the cost of its rent. Many airlines allow free transportation of car seats, so you can take yours with you or buy one in the nearest store.

The most convenient way to obtain a rental vehicle is Meet & Greet. In this case, you don’t have to get to the rental place with suitcases. Instead, you go near the exit of the terminal to meet a representative of the company with a sign, on which is your name. Another method is obtaining the minibus in a parking lot.

Clarify Details

If you are going to cross a border, carefully read the terms and conditions of the selected company. It may forbid to do so. If you plan to use the ferry, inform the car rental company, as they may allow ferry transport for free.

Do not rush to buy fuel from a car rental supplier because it is more expensive. It is also advisable to return the car with the same amount of gasoline with which it came with. Otherwise, you pay extra.

Most likely, you must leave a deposit for the van. You ensure this deposit or significantly reduce it by purchasing more expensive insurance. Be careful: sometimes the cost to rent a minibus is low, but the deposit is very large or vice versa. Consider the total amount, not just the cost of renting a car.

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