‘Going on a date’ Final Release Date Announced by Marcus Lane

March 29, 2022 by No Comments

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., March 17, 2022 (New Student of Fortune)– Marcus is a trap artist that has been rapping about his hustling life in the streets, getting rich and solving all of his problems. Originally he took this song off music platforms because he wanted to spend more time understanding the business and branding himself as an independent entrepreneur before releasing any music. Fortunately, Marcus will be back on all platforms March 23rd 2022!

Marcus Lane learnt that whenever it seems there are no opportunities to showcase ones talent, one have to create the opportunities himself. Successful music artists does not wait for chances to come to them but rather seek them out or create them. Marcus is always known for his magical voice. On his single “Going on a date,” He coaches women to pre-date self-confidence while they gets ready. The concept behind “going on a date” is about women feeling confident and comfortable in their own skin, making sure that they look perfect. Marcus Lane narrates as we watch women choose lingerie, put mascara on and go through steps all women can relate to; it’s an experience every woman should enjoy before their big day! Marcus Lanes’ only goal in life was ever Rap/Hip Hop music but you have no idea what kind of lessons or professionalism one needs until they’ve been exposed to legends in the field.

Marcus will be back on all platforms March 23rd 2022. Watch out, through the links below;

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