Curry’s Offer Cash for your Trash

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Currys has this week launched a ‘Cash for Trash’ trial scheme whereby customers can take their unwanted or unused electronic items to their nearest Currys store in exchange for cash, a voucher or trade-in deal.

What Exactly do we do?

Select what items you want to dispose of and take them to your local Currys store. Currys adds that if the item has a trade-in value, you might be able to trade it in for a higher value product, cash or a Curry’s voucher, which tech like TVs and small domestic appliances can be traded for hundreds of pounds off new products at Currys: currently £ 100 off any TV over £ 1,000 and up to £ 40 off selected small appliances for a traded old gadget.

Lindsay Haselhurst, chief supply chain officer at Currys, says, “We are already helping thousands of customers recycle unwanted tech every day. But Cash for Trash aims to take it to the next level.

This trial is all about making recycling easy and rewarding. We’re urging the nation to look in drawers, under the sofa and up in the loft – as these unused tech devices that have seen better days could be repaired, rehomed, or recycled into something new.

What items are they taking?

recycle gadgets

They really are accepting any tech, bought from anywhere, even if it’s broken – “it might look like trash, but it isn’t to us.” They say.

A recent poll by Currys via YouGov showed that cameras, speakers headphones, hairstyling products, old landline phones, and white goods are lying around unused and could be traded in for cash or discounts, or at least saved from becoming future landfill. Many people do not know how to get rid of these items safely or at all, and could be missing out.

You can also get rid of unwanted items by donating them not for money, but to help schemes like ComputerAid, which had projects around the world that ‘help bridge the digital divide.’

Where else can you take your unwanted electrics?

Other ways to get cash for things like smartphones, satellite navigation systems, speakers, headphones, laptops and cameras include CeX, Cash Generator and MoneyMyTech: the latter website gives people the chance to sell certain unwanted tech goods by reviewing a quote they’re offered , and completing a sequence of steps.

We offer you a guide to is another way of getting cash for your old unwanted CDs here, while WeeeCharity is a not-for-profit UK charity that recycles nearly every kind of electrical item, regardless of condition, and provides them to businesses, consumers and education facilities in need of them.

Where is my nearest Currys?

Once we have decided what we want to take, literally just take the items to your nearest Currys store. Find out where it is here.

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