Burns Night Special: Scottish Round-Up Funding

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To celebrate Burns Night, we would like to share with our Scottish friends that, as well as the great poet himself, there are many Scottish remedies that they may not even know about.

To match our monthly grants on hardship (many of which are available across the UK, including Scotland), this includes assistance with living expenses, self-isolation grants and patents to get started, and more to explore . Take a look at the list below to find out if you or your family are eligible for assistance.

Just smell it!

Grants and support are available

The money is available in Scotland

In addition to Scottish funding, we have other forms of support available. We’ve put together a list to try to help our Scottish readers.

In the future, disability benefits (DLA) for children in Scotland will be transferred from the Department of Labor and Pensions (DWP) to Scottish Social Security.

A new aid called Child Disability Payment will replace DLA for children in Scotland. The amount you are paid will not change.

Children and young people in Scotland will continue to receive child disability benefits until they reach 18 years of age.

If you are between the ages of 15 and 25 with a disability or disability, you can apply to the Transition Fund for money to help you get involved in new activities or master skills.

To apply for a transition fund, you need to apply to ILF Scotland.

Scottish Welfare Fund

The Scottish Welfare Fund helps families and low-income people in Scotland.

Best Start Grant and Best Start Foods are payments that help cover the cost of pregnancy or childcare.


This includes a number of different benefits. Including heating bills, electricity bills, housing bills and payment. Take a look here.

Funding Scotland

Find funding for your charity, community group or social enterprise using our free online search engine. From small grants to funding major capital projects, we can help you find the funding you need to make a difference in your community.

Thistle Scotland is said to be for those who live with long-term health, disability or face a difficult life situation.

Baby Box

As in Scandinavia, all newborns in Scotland will be given a “Baby Box” with essentials containing things like:

  • clothing, from newborn to 6 months
  • digital thermometer under the arm
  • bath and room thermometer
  • bath towel
  • changing mat
  • books

The box also has a mattress, mattress protector and 2 sheets.

More benefits for Scots and Scots here.

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