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    News — honesty

    The Problem of Honesty

    Hiya! :)

    Many students browsing our website ask themselves: "Is this ok? Am I cheating? What will my professor say?" etc. Good questions!

    Let me start by saying that it all depends on how you use the product. With a hammer you can build a house, and with a hammer you can harm someone. Who decides this? YOU! So what do you want to do with the tutorial? Submit it as it is? I am sure you will not! :) Do everything it takes to get a passing grade? No, no way! What about study? Get ideas from someone who passed this with success? YES! That's the correct decision! And that's what you will do! :) And we are here because you need this right now!

    I trust you, so don't disappoint me, please!

    All the best!

    P.S. O, yes, i forgot...don't go without buying something lol.



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