Best way to conclude a CV

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You have got a mesmerizing CV crafted that you believe will leave the recruiters spellbound. But, yet you have not received the interview call letter yet. This may well be attributed to the slipshod conclusion of the CV which has eliminated the scope of assessing the veracity of your claims by recruiters. The way any CV is concluded matters significantly. It becomes the determining factor for getting a headstart in your career.

Concluding the resume

Views differ. Some experts say that professional documents need to be outlined rationally while others stress on references. Resume writing services in Kerala have vast experience working with various professionals whose flight of success has started with a superlative resume.

Success quotient for those bio-data which concludes with the section “Professional References upon Request” has been found to be high. This section is pivotal in convincing the recruiter that you have a number of professional references to vouch for the skills, aptitude and success stories you have mentioned in the body of the bio-data. Never forget to include at least three professional references at the end. They can be reached out to by the potential employer to get better insights into your professionalism and capabilities. Further, this would instill a sense of optimism in the recruiter that the resume of the right candidate has been shortlisted. In fact, resume ending lines and resume closing statement are crucial.

The contact information of the references should be updated. If the recruiter decides to have a background check and the reference could not be contacted, it would paint a very negative image of your commitment level. The references mentioned should be the ones with whom you have shared a good professional rapport like your previous supervisors, clients, peers etc. Resume writer Kerala would offer you quality help on this. It is advisable not to include persona contacts with whom you have not shared any professional relationship. An example of reference is provided below.

Professional References

1. Ram Kumar; Manager of Bhagwan Press
Co-worker at Bhagwan Press Ltd.
Known for 5 years
Contact: (999) 999-999-9999

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