There are still Christmas vacancies!


Reading time: 8 min You can earn extra cash by doing one of the many Christmas jobs that are still available this year. You might associate Christmas vacancies with post offices and high street shops bringing in extra workers over the festive season, but online retailers also need more staff. […]

How to write scary books for adults


Halloween has come and gone, but readers of all ages love to cozy up with a good horror book during the fall and winter. So why not try your hand at writing a horror book People have been fascinated by macabre themes since…well, forever. Ghost stories have been around for […]

9 proven techniques to write well


While everyone will have their own definition of what good writing looks like, bad writing is more universally accepted. If you want to write well, writing clearly is essential. Anything else is an absolute disservice to your self-respect as a writer, not to mention your reader’s time and attention. Sometimes […]

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